Limited Edition Skateboard - 1 of 1 - Octopus design - Skateboard, Skateboarding, Skateboarder

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Product Description

To celebrate the release of our new designs we have come up with a very limited edition skateboard deck with a design based on Pen and Inks very own logo.

Beginning with a used standard deck, the boards wheels and the existing grip tape were taken off. Once the board had been checked over it was on to the sanding which as all completed by hand.

The board was then washed and prepped ready for painting. Using pencil to mark out the original design, Pen and Ink Studios resident artist then completed the design using acrylic paints.

This design will never be repeated on another board, so act now to get a truly unique, one of piece to either hang on your wall or throw some wheels on

Product Features

  • Hand Drawn
  • Hand Painted
  • Width - 20 cm
  • Length - 69 cm