About us - How a heart attack started a new adventure

Pen and Ink studios is the creation of North Wales designer Gareth Roberts and began their adventure in 2016. Nestled between the mountainous range of Snowdonia and the Irish Sea, the North Wales area has become the go to place for those who wish to explore land, sea and in some cases, air, to seek adventure

In 2015, after suffering a heart attack, Gareth’s Dad, Chris was needing to change his lifestyle. Stuck in the office all day was the last thing on his list of things “to do”. Chris started venturing out and about but could never really find a t-shirt he liked the look of to wear on his walks.

Turning to one of his sons, Gareth, who was a graphic designer for a framing company, he asked him to come up with something based on the mountains. This became the first design from Pen and Ink Studios.

Our explore everything t-shirt now available on our website
Chris loved it and as an avid user of social media went on to post about it on the platform Twitter. Feedback started coming in from various people who loved the design and wanted to see more. From this Pen and Ink Studios was born. In a short space of time we have become known amongst many adventurers and explorers and have been contacted by a great number of people looking for t-shirts and logos. We hope that we can inspire you with our designs to go out and explore everything around you, and don’t forget to

”Dress For The Adventure”