A Better Way To View The Stars Camping Mug

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Product Description

What is A Better Way To View The Stars? How about sitting at your favourite camping spot under a clear night sky. Grab your favourite mug and top it off with a hot drink that will keep nice and warm in our enamel camping mug as you gaze upon the sky and set your wishes upon the shooting stars.

This designs features a diamond shaped logo that sets off a vintage style. With a background of a mountain range overshadowed by a blanket of stars. Between the stars we have lines that represent the clouds and tails of the shooting stars. In the forefront we have a traditional ornate camping light, the design is then brought together with a bow that runs through the middle with the wording A Better Way To View The Stars

Product Features

  • 11oz enamel mug.
  • Hand enamelled for a unique finish.
  • Not dishwasher and microwave safe.