We are very proud to announce a partnership with #PlasticFreeSnowdonia

#PlasticFreeSnowdonia is a campaign which will bring together businesses that would like to see less plastic used (and therefore discarded) in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK. It will help raise awareness of the simplest ways businesses and business owners can reduce their single-use plastic usage and celebrate those organisations already working hard to achieve this.

The campaign came about when Tracey from Breese Adventures, Rachel Jones from A470 Training and Janet Matthews from Women Working Together realised that this was something they were all passionate about and not enough was being done locally.

Plastic Free Snowdonia

Pen and ink studios were approached by the team to create a logo. Soon after the logo was complete, a request was made for t-shirts to help raise awareness of the cause. We are very happy to offer our full range of colours which are now available exclusively on our website in both male and female sizes.

If you would like to learn more about #PlasticFreeSnowdonia then check out their website or give them a follow on Twitter

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